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Daily School Procedures

The SCE front office is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm during the school year. 
For more information, you can reach the SCE front office by dialing (317) 915-4270.  
Reporting Absences, Late Arrivals, Leaving Early
If your child will be late to school or absent you are asked to call the school office by 8:30 am. The phone number is 317-915-4270. Voicemail is available 24 hours to leave messages. Absences can also be noted in School Dismissal Manager (please do not use School Dismissal Manager if your student is arriving late to school, it will cancel out their dismissal).If your child is leaving early, please call the front office. We will call the student to the office when you arrive. You will need to bring your driver's license to sign your student out.
Forgotten Items
If a student forgets an item at home and a parent needs to drop off that item after school has begun, that item may be dropped off in the front vestibule Please use the provided post-it notes to write your student's first and last names along with their teacher's name, and we will deliver it to the student.


All visitors/volunteers/chaperones MUST have a Safe Visitor background check on file with Hamilton Southeastern Schools to be allowed to volunteer or chaperone in the building. Please see Safe Visitor information to get started. It takes about a week for Safe Visitor approval, so please plan accordingly.


School Dismissal Manager
Sand Creek Elementary utilizes School Dismissal Manager for daily dismissal changes. Dismissal Manager lets teachers and staff know how your student needs to get home each day (bus/car/YMCA). Each family receives specific login credentials from School Dismissal Manager at the beginning of the school year. Once you receive your login credentials (these are sent within the first 2 weeks of school starting), please log in to Dismissal Manager and set up your preferred dismissal for your student(s). If you need to change your student's dismissal on any day, you will need to log in to your Dismissal Manager account and make the necessary changes by 1:00 pm. A list will be generated before the end of the school day with all of the dismissal changes for that day. Here is how it works:
  • Locate your email from the SDM system directly with your "Parent Credentials" including login and password information.  Check your spam if you cannot find the email.  If you cannot locate the email with your login credentials, please email Cher McCord at
  • Click on the link in that email to access the login page via web browser.
  • Set a new password and save your login and password.
  • Check/Set the default dismissal from the list for your child that you would like used. (changing defaults is currently turned off, please call the office to change your student's default dismissal).
If your child has different dismissals for different days, please set one default and set a recurring "exception" for the off days. (For example, my child's default is a car rider, but I would like them to go to the YMCA every Wednesday. I would set the default as car rider and make a recurring exception for Wednesdays as YMCA.
What do I need to do after my default dismissal is set?
  • You would only need to log in again to make a change to dismissal, called an "exception."
  • A one-time exception does NOT change the locked default. For example, a dentist's appointment may be scheduled, and you would like to pick your child up instead of having them ride the bus. You would login and create an exception just for that day from "BUS" to "CAR RIDER."
  • The teacher is automatically notified, and a note/email or phone call is no longer required.
  • All exceptions must be made by 1 PM daily. If a change is needed after 1 PM, a call to the front office at (317) 915-4270 would be required to ensure the teacher is notified. Teachers will be instructed to go by their daily School Dismissal Manager report for all dismissal directions.